Hi There and Welcome

My Name is Lori Winslow

I’m a Low Content PLR Provider and Course Creator. I design templates to help you create products you can sell directly to your customer, and I teach you how to use Power Point to edit and create your own products. Low content publishing is a great way to create products that can really help people in their day to day lives.

The most common types of low content are

  • Planners
  • Journals
  • Trackers

And there are so many more ways you can create low content products – both physical and digital.

I love everything about the world of low content publishing. I have tried many different business models, but creating low content products is by far the easiest and most fun thing I have ever done to make money.

One of my favorite reasons for loving the low content world, I really feel like the products I create have the power to change lives – or at least brighten someone’s day – and that for me – is the real magic.

Are you new to the world of Low Content Publishing?

Low content publishing is a hot publishing trend that really isn’t new at all. Journals and planners have always been around, but now we have the opportunity to be so much more creative and versatile.

With all this opportunity there is an all too real possibility of you becoming overwhelmed.

Low Content publishing does include journals and planners, but is not limited to these items. You can also create coloring and puzzle books. You can also create things like card decks – which sell very well on Amazon and Etsy.

I would like to help you get started!

Take a look at this quick video training that shows you how you can create your own Coloring Page in Power Point in under 10 minutes

Click on the image below to get started.

Create a Coloring Page in Power Point in Less than 10 Minutes